may 2021

  • chARity launch
  • wallet created and open for PST donations
  • vetting of potential charitable recipients
  • secure initial PST donations
  • recruit developer help

mid 2021

  • chARity wallet accrues AR tips
  • make first donation to charity:water and/or carbon offsets once 5 AR has accrued in chARity wallet
  • work with with AFTR market to create the DAC and explore mechanics of governance + voting
  • liaise with founders for additional PST donations

early 2022

  • chARity wallet accrues AR tips
  • perma-donations continue
  • build AR to ETH bridge and seek to automate the payment process
  • consider adding other DAC-managed wallets for different charitable initiatives


Please bear in mind that chARity is a volunteer-run project.
In our experience, timelines for volunteer projects can be delayed.