chARity is developing a Decentralized Autonomous Charity (DAC) to enable Arweavers to make perma-donations to vital charitable work.


Arweave's permanent data storage model and profit-sharing tokenomics creates a new opportunity for charitable donations.  PST tokens enable Arweavers to donate once and support charities forever.

The founders of chARity have worked with various non-profit organizations as employees, consultants and Board members. We're convinced that stable, recurring revenue is one of the biggest challenges facing charities. When a non-profit gets positive news coverage, donations skyrocket. But as soon as attention drifts elsewhere, funding falls back to earth.


chARity aims to fork the DAO into a DAC - creating a Decentralized Autonomous Charity to provide regular, ongoing donations to vital charitable work.

We're not a DAC yet. chARity is starting out as a centralized and not-really-autonomous organization at first. We welcome Arweave developers to volunteer with us and help decentralize chARity.


We're planning to support organizations that:

  • have global reach - because Arweave is global
  • address pressing global concerns like poverty reduction and climate change
  • are cryptocurrency friendly
  • have longevity - charities need to be around in 200 years to keep receiving donations
  • are not clients of the founders to minimize conflict of interest

Initial donations will be directed towards charity:water and/or carbon offsets. Other charitable recipients may be added later by DAC voting. Thanks to members of the ArDrive community who have made early donations to launch chARity.

how it works


PST Holders donate their tokens to the chARity treasury

Donate by sending PST tokens to the chARity wallet.  The wallet address is:  wQ3d8kTxwTuWf9c9x_b-r6zQzgmzYD0-6OlbvnOguWY

Donations are open to Arweave ecosystem founders who would like to build perma-philanthropy into their DAO culture.

Individual donations from PST holders can also be made through ArConnect


Throughout the month, AR tips accrue in chARity treasury

Arweave PSTs are at varying stages of growth and have different ways of tipping their token holders.  All AR tips from donated PSTs will accrue in the chARity wallet over time.

This all takes place 'on weave', so anyone can see AR tips moving into the wallet.


When enough tips have accrued, AR from the chARity treasury is sent to recipient charities

At first, these monthly crypto conversions may be a manual process, but we plan to automate them.

We are not selling the donated PSTs - they'll become our endowment.  We'll only donate the AR tips that chARity's PSTs generate every month.

The result is perma-philanthropy.  Donate your PSTs once and support charities indefinitely.

No.  chARity is not a registered non-profit and does not issue charitable tax receipts.  We only provide warm fuzzy feelings when you donate. 

No.  100% of the proceeds of your AR and PST donations go straight to the charitable initiatives. chARity is a labour of from various members of the Arweave ecosystem.  The founders have their own businesses and work on a volunteer basis for chARity.

That said, there may be minor transaction costs to swap AR to ETH for the monthly donations, and once the DAC is set up, voting may cost a few Winstons. 

If additional funds are ever needed to run chARity, we will pursue independent fundraising so all of your PST donations continue to flow to charities.

No.  We are treating the donated PSTs as an endowment that generates AR tips over time. Every month, we'll only sell the AR generated by those PSTs.  

For example, ArDrive donated ↁ10,000 (ArDrive tokens) to chARity.  Let's say those PSTs generate 5 AR the first month. We'll only convert the 5 AR to ETH and send it to the charities. The ↁ10,000 remains in the chARity wallet - and maybe it will generate 6 AR the following month.

So the PSTs will produce varying amounts of AR, and they might go up or down in value.  But we have no plans of selling them.  Once the DAC is formed, however, they are free to decide to sell certain PSTs and distribute the proceeds to charity. 

At the current time, chARity's founders control the Arweave wallet to facilitate our earliest donations.  As the community grows and can become more decentralized, we hope to custodianship of the wallet over to the community.

The choice is yours!  ArDrive's initial donation of ↁ10,000 is being vested for 2 years. Other Arweavers are giving unlocked tokens.

We are not planning to sell the PSTs so you are free to send them locked or unlocked. 

If you are a community founder sending vested tokens, we'd only ask that you ensure that both your locked and unlocked tokens are receiving AR tips.

Yes.  You may send AR to the chARity wallet.  When the time comes to send our monthly proceeds to charity, your donated AR will also be converted to ETH and sent to the charities.

No.  At this time, chARity is only structured to take donations of Arweave PSTs or AR.   If you have bags of other cryptos that you'd like to donate, please contact charities directly.