Thanks to early donations and support from the following PST communities:



Jacob Buurma (@Islander on Discord and Twitter) is on the ArDrive core team and has made design contributions to other PSTs such as ArVerify, ArGo and fQRweave.  He is also the founder of Vibrant Content, a web design business that serves more than 60 charities, research groups and change-making businesses. From graduate studies on Mother Teresa to work with a global microfinance organization, Jacob has a life-long passion for social justice.

Wayne Jones

Wayne Jones (@PuffyJ on Discord) is on the core team of ArDrive as their lead content writer. Wayne is one of the founders of dignify, a thriving online blanket retailer. Dignify now employs more than twenty Bangladeshi women who were previously living on the street or in other vulnerable situations to create their fair-trade blankets. Wayne has also worked for and served as an advisor to numerous charitable organizations.